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I received an e-mail promptly after I submitted the request. The e-mail asked for more details about the problem, i.e., is it the seat moving or is it the bowl? If it is the seat, I can fix the problem myself and save money by tightening the two screws underneath. If the bowl is rocking, moving from the floor, then it needs to be reset at a cost of $435. I decided to try to fix the problem myself by tightening the two screws underneath the seat, as JPI suggested. The seat stopped moving and the water leak stopped as well. As a result, I did not have to pay for the fix. I thanked JPI as it could have made money by fixing the problem. Instead it unselfishly showed me how to fix the problem myself, thereby saving me much needed money. I commend JPI for the professional, considerate and unselfish manner that it conducts its business.

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